Castle in the South is a simple interactive story where you make the decisions. 

Can you learn the truth about the Castle in the South? Or will you perish?


Castle in the South is a free interactive story where the player will chose options and play through the story. If the correct paths are chosen, the player will uncover the truth behind the castle hidden away to the south of an abandoned town. Some decisions will lead to the players life coming to and end, prompting them to start over and progress through the game again. This game is similar to text based adventures and games such as Zork.

From the Developer:

This interactive story is currently a work in progress, and I am currently learning to use Twine for future projects. It is completely free to play! I will continue to work on the build and update it regularly. Comments and feedback are welcome - or any advice about using Twine! It will be playable on mobile once CSS has been added.


  • Clickable links which will allow you to navigate through the game
  • Can be played within the browser - no download required
  • Game can be enlarged to play full screen
  • Free to play